What is better hardwood pellets or softwood pellets ???

Most people jump to the  conclusion that “we have always burned hardwood in our woodstove so hardwood  must be better” – Not true with pellets.
The first and most important  thing to remember is that you are buying pellets by weight NOT volume. A cord  of dry hardwood vs. dry softwood weighs about 2-3 times as much. However, a  pound of dry hardwood weighs the same as a pound of dry softwood.
So what counts is the heat  output of each. This is where softwood wins. Below is information from a study  done by the wood industry.            

White    Oak 8810    BTU/pound
Yellow    Pine 9610    BTU/pound




A softwood pellet will produce  10-20% more BTU’s per pound than hardwood depending on the species and create a  lighter ash.
Many retailers call their  hardwood pellets “Premium” – and charge accordingly. At the Pellet King we  consider “Premium” pellets to be those made from all wood only with no bark.  Hardwood pellets do cost more to produce because the raw materials cost more,  this is a simple fact. At the PelletKing we sell each, but we will not try to  push you into hardwood pellets because they cost more or are perceived to be premium.  Simply put, they put out less heat and produce denser ash.