Tips in Storing your Charcoal for Long Term Use

It’s true, grilling makes people happy, the reason is simple to understand because it is an enticing means to bring family and friends together, usually in one’s backyard. When barbecue grills need fuel, there is no better alternative to good-old fashioned charcoal, it goes hand in hand with barbecuing and cooking to achieve that sought after smoky flavour that everybody loves.

While there are plenty of guides on how to take care of your grill, not much information is available about how to store your charcoal for long-term use. Over a period of time, charcoal can become soaked with moisture, potentially making it unusable, if it is not stored properly.

Keep the charcoal bag sealed – an unopened charcoal bag has a shelf life of 1-2 years, but once opened, its shelf life can drastically be reduced when exposed to moisture, which is why keeping these tightly closed after opening is so important. Exposure to moisture prevents charcoal from burning efficiently and consistently for use with grilling. Ideally, you should tightly seal your charcoal bag after every use, even if you have plans to use it soon, close it, just to be sure that no moisture gets inside.

Basically, your bag of charcoal and water are not friends, make sure that you store your charcoal in a dry place, and avoid direct contact with rainwater, dew, and fog. For extra protection, you can keep BBQ Briquettes or charcoal bags in a large container.

Charcoal Containers

Some charcoal bags absorb some amount of water over a period of time. That is why there are also several airtight containers available in the market that are designed specifically to hold charcoal. However, if you do not want to spend money on a new fancy container, any large plastic container will get the job done.