Litsea, poverty reduction plant of Gia Lai farmers

Litsea is a wild natural forest. Since ancient times, people still in the forest exploit shell milling as a glue stick powder to incense. In the past, rich families with “high walls” often used flour mixed with lime, molasses to build houses, walls built. Today, Litsea is used for many purposes. Cucumbers are sold to traders (incense powder, glue technology …), Litsea (stem and branch) are used as fiber wood, scaffolding, clamshell, shell pencil and household items … This means that the product from the Litsea when cut down does not leave anything from the leaves to the stem. Therefore, in recent years in Gia Lai there has been a trend of growing Litsea on the garden and forest gardens. Seedling nurseries also flourished.
At present, Gia Lai province has about 3,000ha of land, mainly in the household scale. The most typical example is Chu Pah district, which has grown 620 hectares. The districts of Truong Son such as Mang Yang, Dak Doa, Ia Grai are also good with Litsea.