How to create activated carbons?

Activated charcoal filter is widely used and trusted by many people. How does the technology of charcoal production work? What are the actived charcoal ingredients?
Below we will talk about the process of producing activated carbon.
Material of activated carbon
Activated carbon can be made of various materials such as green bamboo, coconut shells, peanut peanut, coal, etc. fine or coarse.
Shape of activated carbon
Depending on the shape of the actived charcoal is divided into categories:
– Activated charcoal granules
– Activated charcoal powder
– Activated charcoal tablets
Technology of producing activated carbon coconut shell Charcoal
Firstly, raw coconut shells are slowly heated in a vacuum, and then activated by oxidizing gases at extremely high temperatures. This process creates tiny holes that absorb and hold impurities.
When it reaches a certain temperature, oxygen will be cut off and coconut shells will smolder in anaerobic conditions for 8 to 12 days. This process is very high (depending on technology, quality of furnace). At the same time, water and organic compounds from the coconut shells are removed leaving the main ingredient carbon.
Then, coconut shells are undergoing another activation step “activated” to increase the surface area, the carbon component, the active ingredient to work. Here we have a product called Activated Charcoal.