Gia Lai is currently the best land of Litsea in the country

With the advantages of soil and climate, Gia Lai is currently the best land of Litsea in the country. Thus, the viscosity of the Joss Powder is higher than in any other province in the country. The factory located in the abundant raw materials as well as Joss Powder production process by the skilled workers, we commit to bring customers ... Read More »


Black Wood is a premium, organic charcoal made from hardwoods grown in our own reforestation and replanting program . Using only dense hardwoods and carbonizing to very high temperatures, Black Wood Charcoals reaches cooking temperatures very quickly, cooks for a long time and is virtually smoke free. Black Wood burns cleaner than our competition allowing you to start cooking sooner ... Read More »

Black Charcoal and White Charcoal

Did you know that there are various ways in making charcoal? Normally, we have two kinds of charcoal, the “black charcoal” and “white charcoal”. These charcoals are made by different methods of burning. Although, they are produced in a basically similar manner, the quality of the charcoal differs totally depending on how the fire is extinguished. We have been receiving ... Read More »

What is Binchotan?

Binchotan, also called White Charcoal, is the most advanced charcoal produced by the Japanese. Binchotan used in cooking will give the food better, completely smoke-free, odorless, burning time 3 times more than regular black charcoal … In addition, Binchotan – White Charcoal also has many useful such as water purifier, exhaust filter, deodorant, skin care, metallurgy, used in battery manufacture ... Read More »

The importance of Joss Powder in the production of incense

The process of mixing agar powder was drunk with vegetable glue (glue glue) or also known as Joss Powder. At this stage is extremely important, the scent of incense is decided by this stage, the producer of incense to incense quality, high quality or incense usually mixed with high quality powder (type 1, type 2) Normally, 95% of starch and ... Read More »

Expansion of Litsea

At present, the whole district of Chu Pah has nearly 1,000 hectares of Litsea, mainly in the communes of Ia Phi, Ia Khol, Ia Mo Nong, Hoa Phu and Phu Hoa Town. harvesting about 100 hectares for income up to over 10 billion … To continue investing in targeted programs for poverty reduction for local people, next time the People’s ... Read More »

Charcoal in Japanese life

In the past, charcoal was an important fuel in Japanese families. Nowaday, along with the development of electricity, gas and gasoline, it is thought that charcoal will disappear. But it still exists as an integral part of this country. In the Middle Ages, Japan’s high-quality charcoal making method was passed on to China and some other countries in the region. ... Read More »

Charcoal, wood pellets – “Hot” woods on the export market

While many of our commodities such as rice, seafood, agricultural products are facing difficulties in export, some products such as charcoal, wood pellets … are being preferred by foreign customers. Great demand In the area of Phung Hiep canal, Dong An hamlet, Tan Thanh commune, Nga Bay town, Hau Giang province, there are hundreds of charcoal kilns in operation. This ... Read More »

Litsea, poverty reduction plant of Gia Lai farmers

Litsea is a wild natural forest. Since ancient times, people still in the forest exploit shell milling as a glue stick powder to incense. In the past, rich families with “high walls” often used flour mixed with lime, molasses to build houses, walls built. Today, Litsea is used for many purposes. Cucumbers are sold to traders (incense powder, glue technology ... Read More »

Charcoal Vietnam’s export is increasing to Japan, Korean

Charcoal Vietnam’s export is increasing to Japan, Korean because of favored cuisine barbecue Japan and South Korea are two countries preferred barbecue dishes, so the quantity of charcoal exports in 2016 increased dramatically. In 2016, Vietnam is known as a major exporter of charcoal. The charcoal importers of Vietnam are mainly Japan and South Korea because the two countries have ... Read More »