What to Do When Your Charcoal Gets Wet

It happens sometimes, charcoal can get wet when weather changes unexpectedly. For example, it is not uncommon that charcoal that is left outside gets rained on. Charcoal can even get wet when stored in a factory, as moisture can seep into charcoal bags if not properly sealed or stored securely. What can you do when charcoal gets wet? That is a question many people have pondered, as the first thought is if the charcoal can be saved, or not?

There are different types of charcoal, and the quality or grade of the charcoal will determine if ‘any’ of it can be saved when it gets wet. The best thing that can be done is to pour the charcoal out of the bag onto a dry surface, separating the driest ones from the most drenched charcoal, and then place them outside on cement to dry in the sun all day. You will then flip the coals once they are dried on one side. Unfortunately, cheap charcoal will usually crumble when it gets wet, rendering it totally useless, as it will turn too powered as it dries.

However, higher quality charcoal can be dried-out and used, although, it will typically only be good for slow burning and will give off much more smoke as it burns.