The importance of Joss Powder in the production of incense

The process of mixing agar powder was drunk with vegetable glue (glue glue) or also known as Joss Powder. At this stage is extremely important, the scent of incense is decided by this stage, the producer of incense to incense quality, high quality or incense usually mixed with high quality powder (type 1, type 2) Normally, 95% of starch and 5% of glue will not stick to any ingredients or chemicals other than agar and glue.
This process, which requires the craftsmanship of the hands of a fragile powdered worker, must be in line with the standard of production and if you really do not have the experience you will make mistakes at this step, which can happen. The cases such as incandescent incense, incense incense, odor not aromatic, incense is not beautiful.