The difference between coconut activated carbon charcoal and Coconut shell charcoal

Activated carbon
+ Used for adsorption of gases and liquids in industries: petroleum, chemicals, medicine, gold, food processing, clean water, polluted gas….
+ Refining, dissolving, deodorizing, recovering precious metals, catalysts, poison gas masks, cigarette filters.
+ Used in the processing industry, toxic treatment and environmental protection, industries (industrial gas treatment, toxic gas filter, polluted gas, recovery of organic solvents, respirators poisonous)
+ Use deodorant in the food industry, chemicals, seafood processing, tobacco, refrigerator
+ Used for bleaching (powder), used in the bleaching industry and other solutions.…
Coconut shell charcoal
+ Used for fuel
How to distinguish coconut shells charcoal and coconut shells
Many people take advantage of the lack of understanding of users, do not distinguish between the difference between coconut shell charcoal and Coconut Activated Carbon. They bought coconut shell charcoal size 3×6, 4×8, 8×20, 6×12 mesh. Then, they selled with higher prices
There are 2 ways to distinguish:
Number 1: Get Activated carbon charcoal in the glass of water. After a while you will see bubbles on the surface of active carbon, as well as bubbles on the water in the glass. This is activated carbon charcoal. If it is crumbled, not bubbling and precipitation down it is normal coal.
Number 2: When peoples heated Activated carbon charcoal in temperature 900- 1000 °C. With such high temperature activated carbon coconut shell has a very high heat resistance, burning will not burn..