Expansion of Litsea

At present, the whole district of Chu Pah has nearly 1,000 hectares of Litsea, mainly in the communes of Ia Phi, Ia Khol, Ia Mo Nong, Hoa Phu and Phu Hoa Town. harvesting about 100 hectares for income up to over 10 billion … To continue investing in targeted programs for poverty reduction for local people, next time the People’s Committee of Chu Pah will invest nearly 2.5 VND billion to support varieties and techniques to care for the people to expand the area to more than 2,000 hectares between now and 2015. At the same time the district also implemented the necessary procedures to propose to the Department Science and Technology recognizes the brand of Litsea in Chu Pah district, in line with the brand name of Chu Se.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Chu Pah District, said: “In terms of quality, resin and aroma of Litsea is very good compared to Litsea in other regions. We also want to make a nursery to supply the Litsea breeds in the area and expand them to other areas, or will provide for the people to increase the area, because now some of the land of silver Farmers can still grow Litsea. This is one of the poor trees for the poor. At present, the district has plans to plan land for people to grow, expand the area.
Litsea is used for many purposes: Litsea, Litsea is sold to traders for incense powder, glue technology …, Litsea is sold for use as wood fiber, scaffold, clamps, pencil case and household items … This means that the product from Litsea when cut down does not leave anything from the leaves to the stem. Therefore, it can be said that red berry is not only ideal for poverty reduction, especially for ethnic minorities, but in the future, red berry will have a brand and a plant Rich people in the district of Chu Pah in particular and Gia Lai province in general.