Coconut shell charcoal production process

Stage 1. Coconut shell collection:
Workers buy coconut shells from the coconut production facilities of Ben Tre.
Stage 2. Coconut shell:
Give the coconut shells are collected into specialized baking stove to turn coconut shells into coconut shells (ordinary coconut shells) with natural size.
Phase 3. Coal grinding:
After getting out of the cellar, coconut shells are shaped like big pieces. This is called the “natural” size of coconut shells. After that, coconut shells are added to the grinder to grind the coal into desired sizes. Often in Ben Tre, natural coconut shell charcoal will be grinded into smaller sizes of about 3×6 or 4×8 and fairly uniform in size. After this process will have the byproduct of Coconut shell charcoal size 4×8, 8×20 and coconut shell charcoal powder.
Stage 4. Formation of charcoal BBQ:
After being blanched, the coal is combined with natural binder and added to the mold and added to form BBQ charcoal.