Charcoal Vietnam’s export is increasing to Japan, Korean

Charcoal Vietnam’s export is increasing to Japan, Korean because of favored cuisine barbecue
Japan and South Korea are two countries preferred barbecue dishes, so the quantity of charcoal exports in 2016 increased dramatically. In 2016, Vietnam is known as a major exporter of charcoal. The charcoal importers of Vietnam are mainly Japan and South Korea because the two countries have more coastline, grilled seafood is the main dish should be more charcoal. In addition, the Middle East countries such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey … are very cold so the demand for heating coal is very high. Due to the lack of supply, these countries have recently imported from Vietnam.
Mr. Nguyen Tuan Viet, Director of VIETGO Joint Stock Company – a company specializing in export promotion and import, said: In the past, Middle East countries, Europe mostly imported charcoal from African countries, where There are lots of charcoal from natural forest wood with good quality, cheap price, near transportation distance.
But since the end of 2014, when Ebola disease spread in some African countries. Imports from these countries are prohibited including charcoal. Middle East countries lack of charcoal. Therefore, Asia become a potential including Viet Nam. As a result, in 2016, charcoal exports from Vietnam to the Middle East is increased 3-4 times than exports to Japan and South Korea. Major importers place their orders on charcoal made from logs, fabrics, or natural wood (from Laos) because of the high quality of this charcoal.
Especially, due to the price factor, these markets are more interested in Laos than Vietnam due to better quality, cheap labor, and cheap charcoal prices, which are only around VND3.4 – 4 million per ton. Charcoal in Vietnam is about 6 million VND / ton.
Explaining the price difference, Mr Viet shared that Vietnam bought wood to burn coal while Laos cut down firewood. In Lao , businesses only buy charcoal from farmers so the price of this item is naturally cheaper than Vietnam. Not only that, the quality of Lao charcoal is also better because of natural wood.
It is not just Vietnamese charcoal that is causing the “fever” in foreign markets that sawdust and wood pallet also “fever” no less.
Since 2007, wood pellet has caused fever. Sawdust pellets increased sharply because of the high price of crude oil, coal, gas and high energy commodities. In addition, many countries recommend the use of clean energy, so their thermal power plants transfer to wood pellets. However, according to Mr. Viet, now, the price of wood pellets has decreased due to low crude oil prices, however, the demand is still quite large.