Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal have 2 kinds: nomal coconut shell charcoal  and activated carbon.  The process of coconut shell charcoal production is divided into two phases (phase 1: created coconut shells charcoal, phase 2: created activated carbon Specification: 3×6, 4×8, 8×20, 6×12 mesh size Capacity: 1000mt/month Packing: PP bag 30kg, 40kg, Min 26MT/40HC Read More »

Joss Powder

We can supply joss powder with big quantity, stable quality and competitive price. Especially, we can supply wood bark glue powder of many grades of 22, 20, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 cups or at the grade of customer’s choice. For example, 18 cups joss powder mean: one cups of joss powder can mix with 18 cups of ... Read More »

Wood Charcoal

Mangrove charcoal   Nacre charcoal:   Specifications: – Color: Black – Diameter: 3cm-10cm – Length: 3cm-10cm – Fixed Carbon : 73.80% – Heat: 3.50% – volatiles: 40.44% – Ash : <3% – Fire Time: Over 4h. – Made in Viet Nam   Specifications: – Color: Black – Diameter: 3cm-10cm – Length: 3cm-10cm – Fixed carbon: 60.80% – Heat: 2.50% – ... Read More »

What is better hardwood pellets or softwood pellets ???

Most people jump to the  conclusion that “we have always burned hardwood in our woodstove so hardwood  must be better” – Not true with pellets. The first and most important  thing to remember is that you are buying pellets by weight NOT volume. A cord  of dry hardwood vs. dry softwood weighs about 2-3 times as much. However, a  pound ... Read More »

Wood Pellets vs Bio-SRF

KOMIPO issued an ITB advising that the conditions for  submitting FSC, PEFC certificates etc. was exempted in response to request  from KFS. A meeting was held between KFS (Korea Forest Service), ME  (Ministry of Environment) and Power plants on Mar. 25th 2015. Following  resolutions were passed providing new definitions to “Wood Pellets” > KFS will inspect all Wood pellets through KFPI (Korea  Forestry ... Read More »

Wood Pellet Market Update: Sth. Korea

While the industrial  wood pellet market won’t be impacted by the volatility in oil prices, the  heating market will react as oil becomes cheaper than pellets around the world.  While homeowners won’t switch back to heating oil from pellets, cheap oil may  remove the incentive for those considering a pellet stove. Though trade into  the South Korean market does not ... Read More »

Rubber sawn timber

1. Product: rubber wood sawn timber (Kiln dried and chemical treated) 2. Origin : Viet Nam 3. Capacity: 5000 CBM/Month 4. Standard Dimension: Dimension Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Usual 21, 23, 26 45, 55 150 – 250 33, 38, 45 65, 75 300 – 350 48, 50, 55 85, 95 400 – 750 65 105, 115 800 – ... Read More »

Wood Pellet

                Material: Rubber, Acacia, Cashew Size: 6mm or 8mm Supplying capacity: 20 000 mt/month Wood Pellets  are used in Power Plant, Industrial Boiler, Home Heating, Animal Bedding and  farming. EU STANDARDS ASIA STANDARDS                       Packing Methods               ... Read More »

Wood Chip

Material: Rubber, Acacia, Cashew Size: 40×40 mm hoặc 40×60 mm (or customer’s option) Supplying capacity: 20 000mt / month   Read More »