Joss Powder

Gia Lai is currently the best land of Litsea in the country

With the advantages of soil and climate, Gia Lai is currently the best land of Litsea in the country. Thus, the viscosity of the Joss Powder is higher than in any other province in the country. The factory located in the abundant raw materials as well as Joss Powder production process by the skilled workers, we commit to bring customers ... Read More »

The importance of Joss Powder in the production of incense

The process of mixing agar powder was drunk with vegetable glue (glue glue) or also known as Joss Powder. At this stage is extremely important, the scent of incense is decided by this stage, the producer of incense to incense quality, high quality or incense usually mixed with high quality powder (type 1, type 2) Normally, 95% of starch and ... Read More »

Expansion of Litsea

At present, the whole district of Chu Pah has nearly 1,000 hectares of Litsea, mainly in the communes of Ia Phi, Ia Khol, Ia Mo Nong, Hoa Phu and Phu Hoa Town. harvesting about 100 hectares for income up to over 10 billion … To continue investing in targeted programs for poverty reduction for local people, next time the People’s ... Read More »

Litsea, poverty reduction plant of Gia Lai farmers

Litsea is a wild natural forest. Since ancient times, people still in the forest exploit shell milling as a glue stick powder to incense. In the past, rich families with “high walls” often used flour mixed with lime, molasses to build houses, walls built. Today, Litsea is used for many purposes. Cucumbers are sold to traders (incense powder, glue technology ... Read More »

Joss Powder

We can supply joss powder with big quantity, stable quality and competitive price. Especially, we can supply wood bark glue powder of many grades of 22, 20, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 cups or at the grade of customer’s choice. For example, 18 cups joss powder mean: one cups of joss powder can mix with 18 cups of ... Read More »