Coconut Shell Charcoal

New uses for coconut shell charcoal

The new found use of coconut shell charcoal in the development of golf courses and the use of coconut shell charcoal briquette in barbecue and poultry raising in Europe could raise its demand globally. Currently, it is used mainly for making activated ca rbon. Coconut shell charcoal is found to be a suitable material in the development of golf courses, ... Read More »

Coconut Shell Charcoal and Its Uses

Coconut Shell Charcoal is one of another valuable resource which can create out of this magical tree. Coconut Shell Charcoal widely used as efficient industrial fuel and it’s also uses for laundries and Blacksmithing and goldsmiths where high rate of head is requir3ed. Apart for industrial fuel uses coconut shell Charcoal are also used to produce activated carbon which got ... Read More »

Production of coconut shell charcoal

There are many methods of coconut charcoal making, but the most cost-effective method is production by special charcoal kiln using process of pyrolysis which involves burning coconut shells in a limited supply of oxygen. It is important to know that oxygen could destroy shells if the air will not be limited. It should be used clean, fully dried and mature ... Read More »

The difference between coconut activated carbon charcoal and Coconut shell charcoal

Activated carbon + Used for adsorption of gases and liquids in industries: petroleum, chemicals, medicine, gold, food processing, clean water, polluted gas…. + Refining, dissolving, deodorizing, recovering precious metals, catalysts, poison gas masks, cigarette filters. + Used in the processing industry, toxic treatment and environmental protection, industries (industrial gas treatment, toxic gas filter, polluted gas, recovery of organic solvents, respirators ... Read More »

How to create activated carbons?

Activated charcoal filter is widely used and trusted by many people. How does the technology of charcoal production work? What are the actived charcoal ingredients? Below we will talk about the process of producing activated carbon. Material of activated carbon Activated carbon can be made of various materials such as green bamboo, coconut shells, peanut peanut, coal, etc. fine or ... Read More »

Coconut shell charcoal production process

Stage 1. Coconut shell collection: Workers buy coconut shells from the coconut production facilities of Ben Tre. Stage 2. Coconut shell: Give the coconut shells are collected into specialized baking stove to turn coconut shells into coconut shells (ordinary coconut shells) with natural size. Phase 3. Coal grinding: After getting out of the cellar, coconut shells are shaped like big ... Read More »

Advantages of BBQ Coconut Charcoal

INGREDIENT: Coconut shell charcoal powder 95%. Glutinous starch No chemical, no gas for health. EXCELLENT ADVANTAGES: – The time to fire faster, quicker, faster burning. – Advantages of using: member coal is fitted with a grill. – No smoke, no eyes. – Safety: no spark, – The burning time is 2 times longer than the charcoal: about 3-4 hours. – ... Read More »

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal have 2 kinds: nomal coconut shell charcoal  and activated carbon.  The process of coconut shell charcoal production is divided into two phases (phase 1: created coconut shells charcoal, phase 2: created activated carbon Specification: 3×6, 4×8, 8×20, 6×12 mesh size Capacity: 1000mt/month Packing: PP bag 30kg, 40kg, Min 26MT/40HC Read More »