Advantages of BBQ Coconut Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal powder 95%.
Glutinous starch
No chemical, no gas for health.
– The time to fire faster, quicker, faster burning.
– Advantages of using: member coal is fitted with a grill.
– No smoke, no eyes.
– Safety: no spark,
– The burning time is 2 times longer than the charcoal: about 3-4 hours.
– Do not change or add charcoal when baking at the table.
– Reuse if the coal is not burned
– High heat: 5000 – 6000kcal
– Save 40 – 50% compared to wood charcoal.
– No need to use the fan is still burning and hot, convenient.
= >> High heat should be cooked when cooked but the inside still sweet, meat, fish, seafood … baked to ripe and delicious. The food is cooked by high temperature but not ripe by fire such as charcoal (fast fire that may be unfinished food).
– Bake at the table: Coal until the coal burning ½ or ¾, then put in the kitchen and grill, saving the burning time of coal, unlike charcoal to burn 100% to be baked, unsparing.
– Bake at the oven: similarly lit until the fire is changed to ½ or ¾ can be baked.